The truth is that your consultant or agency loves you more than your staff do. They want to dazzle you. They accept and understand that there was hesitation for you when you chose to employ outside your usual circle, and that makes them all the more eager to prove to you that you’ve made the right decision.

And they’re clever.

You’re used to just yelling out from your desk to your close-knit team when you need an answer on something. You’re accustomed to calling quick meetings at very short notice because you need answers or clarification on stuff. How would it possibly work when you’re working with people in a whole other office?

The truth is, there won’t be any yelling. There won’t be anything to yell about. A good agency is organised. They’ve built their business on it. They’ve already given you the plan with all the answers well before there was any shouting. They’ve had your team planning Australia Day when the Melbourne Cup posters were still up.

For much less than you’re probably paying one full time executive you can access an entire team with superior skills, and broader experience who work across a varying landscape of different businesses. They’re talking to different managers, teams and business owners every day – picking up all sorts of insights and experiences that full-time, blinkers on “workers” simply, well…. aren’t.

There’s a stack of articles out there that reinforce the benefits of outsourcing over inhouse when it comes to Marketing. Just Google “inhouse vs outsource marketing” and you’ll see a familiar 8 or so points doing the rounds.

But it’s more personal than that isn’t it? Often it’s about how it will work for you on a day to day level. How these outsiders may cause disruptions to your team; whether their values align with yours and the culture of your business.

A good consultant or agency gets that. They get you. If they don’t make you feel that, then keep looking. And remember – there shouldn’t be any yelling.