WTF is Marketing anyway?

Ahhh Marketing. Marketing schmarketing.

That big fat world of fluffy jargon that can so easily be misrepresented and misunderstood.

When I was 26 and working as on On-Premise BDM at Diageo, I remember being asked where I thought my career was heading, and replying “Marketing”. I totally made it up. I just thought of it as the sexy side of grog selling; being part of the Lemon Ruski juggernaut and sitting in some cool office thinking up new and creative promotional concepts that involved scantily-clad guys and gals taking over nightclubs like Carmens, Patricks or Tank.

Turns out I well and truly did end up in Marketing, and still managed to stay wholly and solely in hospitality. No regrets there. Go me. I also managed to keep all the marketing bullshit fairly straight forward, and find ways to keep it rooted in reality when it came to explaining what I was doing and why to owners, managers and staff. I think it never really FELT like Marketing, it just was all about sales. Getting more bums on seats, more beers sold. To be honest it came fairly naturally to me.

But somewhere along the way I forgot to promote the WHAT that comes with the WHY. What does MARKETING really mean to your average local pub or club? How can I put in to words what it means to be a “full service marketing agency” as opposed to all the competitors springing up each day spruiking “digital marketing” or “public relations” or “social media”, or an awkward combination of each?

Marketing is more than simply the sum of its parts. It’s more than social media; more than beautifully designed posters or flyers; more than carefully thought out advertising – those are simply functions of Marketing – parts (important parts) of the big puzzle that all fall under the umbrella.

In hospitality, a good Marketing team is crucial to enable a venue to attract the right patrons in order to increase sales. It is directly and fundamentally linked to revenue success, and yet is so commonly misunderstood. The supplier landscape is changing and evolving. Areas like digital and social media marketing are more important than ever; digital marketing companies are sprouting up everywhere from here to Timbuktoo and, well, India. We have created this infographic to help outline the FULL MARKETING SERVICE that we here at MMD roll out for our clients.